Elopements are sweet, personal and without all the fuss. It just needs to be you and your partner, two witnesses and me!

We can get it done anywhere - on your couch, mountain top, rowboat, at a bar over your favourite drop, sitting in floaties on a river, during a hike in the bush, in a park with a picnic brunch...literally anything and anywhere.

We still need to do the paperwork and say the legal wording but the rest will be personalised to your wants, needs and likes.


Renewing your vows is such a beautiful sentiment! Whether its been one year, 10 years or 50 years - lets celebrate your love and spread the joy around!

A vow renewal has no legal obligations so we can plan your ceremony and say anything you want! I also have a fun little booklet for this type of celebration that includes samples of the order and optional inclusions to help you plan.


Ain't nothing wrong with wanting the bare minumum! 

This ceremony is in line with the registry standard, only you don't need to get it done in a drab office! Your legals only ceremony goes for just a couple of minutes, I introduce myself as required by law, you say your legal vows to each other, we sign some stuff, you kiss and voila!! You're now married!

Phone: 0408 051 989